Villa Kokkonen, artist´s home & atelier designed by Alvar Aalto

Villa Kokkonen, "the little brother of Aalto House and Villa Mairea", is Alvar Aalto´s masterpiece, a historic home, an architectural sight and a tourist attraction near Helsinki in Finland. It is open to the public round the year by arranging guided tours and concerts.  Guided tours (11 € / person) are of two kinds: ►Guided tours by appointment and  ►Regular guided tours. The latter can be attended by individual visitors and groups without appointment, whereas the former require an appointment.

Villa Kokkonen´s Public Calendar

In April 2015 we launched Villa Kokkonen´s public calendar. The Finnish-English timetable shows appointments, regular guided tours, concerts, and private functions, that is to say, every event we arrange at Villa Kokkonen throughout the year. The bigger version of the calendar opens up by clicking the following link: ►Villa Kokkonen´s Public Calendar

Alvar Aalto´s Villa Kokkonen is hosted 24/7, and guided by pianist Elina Viitaila and opera singer Antti A. Pesonen. They are also the very persons who since 2009 manage and take care, on daily basis, of Villa Kokkonen´s rich heritage revolving around Finnish architecture, design, nature and music. Elina´s and Antti´s on-site discussions and their astonishing music performance and hospitality offer visitors a unique possibility to see, listen to and enjoy the history and architecture of a house which Alvar Aalto so passionately designed to be Home for Music.

Finland´s big year gets closer and closer. Our nation reaches the centenary of its independence in 2017. Actually, celebrations will only begin since the year 2018 marks the 120th birthday of Finland´s most well-known architect Alvar Aalto. At Villa Kokkonen, a private house designed by Alvar Aalto on the shore of Lake Tuusula we are every day dedicated, determined and privileged to cherish and maintain the unique Finnish legacy of visual arts and music.

Contact info

Villa Kokkonen
Tuulimyllyntie 5
04400 Järvenpää

Traveller´s dream! Artists´ homes - Villa Kokkonen and Ainola - on the shores of Lake Tuusula. It takes only 8 minutes by car from house to house. In the gorgeous acoustics of Villa Kokkonen, what a treat it is to hear a unique version of Sibelius´s Finlandia which was inspired by Villa Kokkonen´s grand piano. This arrangement is performed by Villa Kokkonen´s hosts, Mrs. Elina Viitaila and Mr. Antti A. Pesonen.

Creating a perfect composition of visual arts and music, Villa Kokkonen is a true Home for Music. Tunes to be played and sung are nurtured there by the original materials Aalto used in his interior design: Oregon pine cladding and a huge, white canvas.

Mrs. Elina Viitaila is a Master of Music. Mr. Antti A. Pesonen is a Master of Social Sciences. They are also professional, real artists living and working at Villa Kokkonen day and night. "The blending of talent in this beautiful house is remarkable!", one visitor commented.