Alvar Aalto´s Villa Kokkonen

"Open every day by reservation"

A 69-year-old architect Alvar Aalto designed Villa Kokkonen, a historic home which belongs to the category of his masterpieces along with Aalto House, Studio Aalto and Villa Mairea.

How to visit Villa Kokkonen round the year?

We are "open every day by reservation", that is,  we can do 2-3 guided tours by reservation between 10 am and 6 pm.

It means all you have to do is to let us know by email when you or your group would like to visit Villa Kokkonen.  We send our reply to you within 24 hours. Either making your wish come true or suggesting you another time.

Only in June, July and August we arrange also guided tours which are open to the public.

Public Calendar in Finnish and English

Our public timetable includes every event taking place at Villa Kokkonen: guided tours by reservation, guided tours which are open to the public as well as concerts and private functions. A bigger version of the calendar opens up by clicking the following link:

►Villa Kokkonen´s Public Calendar

Villa Kokkonen is a travel destination created by two professional artists

Located on the shore of Lake Tuusula, Villa Kokkonen is 24/7 lived, managed and hosted by Mrs. Elina Viitaila and Mr. Antti A. Pesonen. Elina is pianist and Master of Music graduated at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki. Antti is opera singer and Master of Social Sciences graduated at the University of Tampere.

Having hired Villa Kokkonen Elina and Antti have been the entrepreneur of Alvar Aalto´s Villa Kokkonen since 1 June 2009. They are every day dedicated, determined and privileged to cherish and maintain the unique Finnish legacy of visual arts and music.

Elina and Antti arrange artistic guided tours for individual visitors and groups. In addition to that, they take care, on daily basis, of Villa Kokkonen´s heritage revolving around Finnish architecture and classical music.

Their biggest passion has been to create Villa Kokkonen a place which attracts visitors by means of world-class music, world-renowned architecture and, especially, a unique combination of them both. And yet, It´s like coming to their home when you visit Villa Kokkonen.

►Guided tours by appointment 12 € / person

►Guided tours open to the public 12 € / person

Download here:

A new web service for lovers of architecture and travel opened 24 May 2018 at The site introduces you to a selection of prime examples of Alvar Aalto’s architecture and high-quality travel services, forming fascinating Aalto-themed routes around Finland. Along with renowned architectural classics and lesser-known gems, you can savour local natural, cultural and culinary experiences.

On top of the hill in a unique setting of almost 10 000 square meters, Villa Kokkonen looks over the lake having a perfect location also in another sense: Only 45 minutes by car or by public transportation from Helsinki.

Bird´s-eye view to Alvar Aalto´s architecture

Our unique music and architecture video features Alvar Aalto´s building art. See also what we do on social media ►Instagram  & ►Facebook.

Because Alvar Aalto designed Villa Kokkonen for music, one highlight of every tour is Elina´s and Antti´s musical performance in the gorgeous acoustics of the atelier.

Visitors are allowed to take exterior photos. That´s why every guided tour follows a beautiful, impressive route in the courtyard and backyard. Elina and Antti have taken care of Villa Kokkonen´s garden for the last eight years.

Contact info

Villa Kokkonen
Tuulimyllyntie 5
04400 Järvenpää

Mrs. Elina Viitaila is a Master of Music. Mr. Antti A. Pesonen is a Master of Social Sciences. They are also: professional musicians in the field of classical music, real artists living and working at Villa Kokkonen day and night. "The blending of talent in this beautiful house is remarkable!", one visitor commented.

Creating a perfect composition of visual arts and music Villa Kokkonen is a true Home for Music. Just think what a treat it is to hear a unique version of Sibelius´s Finlandia, performed by Elina and Antti, as a climax of every artistic guided tour. Experience unforgettable!