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Villa Kokkonen, Villa Mairea, Aalto House and two other private houses designed by architect Alvar Aalto are among nine rare houses which have been chosen from Finland to an international network, created in 2012, of architecturally significant homes from the 20th century. The following website contains more than 100 architectural destinations around the world: ►

At the Top of Music and Architecture

Alvar Aalto originally designed Villa Kokkonen´s beautiful atelier for music. However, a swimming pool, pergola, log sauna and, especially, a perfect view to Lake Tuusula will be among the first details of Alvar Aalto´s architecture to be explored during a unique artistic tour hosted and guided by pianist Elina Viitaila and opera singer Antti A. Pesonen. Finlandia Hymn composed by Jean Sibelius will be the climax of this 45-minute Finnish experience.

This photo of Alvar Aalto"s Villa Kokkonen is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Villa Kokkonen is a historic building designed by world-famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in 1967. The house is situated on top of the hill sloping down towards Lake Tuusula which is one of the most well-known areas in the cultural history of Finland. To have almost 10 000 square meters in the site really gives our visitors a marvelous possibility to study, reflect and/or just purely enjoy Alvar Aalto's architecture from every possible angle, from near and far. During our guided walking tours visitors are encouraged to take exterior photos of the house and photos of the garden to serve their private, professional or commercial interests.

Alvar Aalto's masterpieces include private houses such as Villa Mairea (Noormarkku), Aalto House (Helsinki) and Villa Kokkonen. Designed originally for music, Villa Kokkonen has been a wonderful architectural and cultural attraction since June 2009. Pianist Elina Viitaila and opera singer Antti A. Pesonen keep on working day and night as Villa Kokkonen's hosts, guides, artists and entrepreneurs. They were chosen as The Cultural Persons of the Year 2014 in the City of Järvenpää.

To visit Villa Kokkonen could so easily turn out to be an experience of Finland at its best.

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Villa Kokkonen
Tuulimyllyntie 5
04400 Järvenpää

Photo of the Atelier. Designed by Alvar Aalto in 1967. It´s amazing that the atelier is also a concert hall with excellent qualities. That´s why every tour includes a moment of live music. As if you were in a real concert.

Mrs. Elina Viitaila and Mr. Antti A. Pesonen are the charming hosts of Villa Kokkonen. So much dedicated to take care of the house and its visitors since 2009.

Instead of giving a straight-faced lecture the hosts of Villa Kokkonen arrange an artistic tour introducing their guests to the Top of Finnish Architecture, Music, Design and Nature.

It requires only a bit of walking in the forest garden and continues by listening to somewhat gorgeous music in the atelier which is framed by Alvar Aalto´s timelessly beautiful design and architecture. After the tour and music it might be just the right moment to enjoy Villa Kokkonen´s unique coffee buffet.