Listen to the Architecture in a private home designed by Alvar Aalto!

From Monday till Sunday, guided walking tours ►by appointment throughout the year.  In addition to that, regular guided tours twice a day June 15 - August 10, 2014.

During the last decades the City of Järvenpää has been blessed with an exceptionally rich architectural and cultural heritage: Finland´s most famous composer Jean Sibelius lived here at Ainola and Finland´s most well-known architet Alvar Aalto designed a private home Villa Kokkonen for his lellow-academician, composer and pianist Joonas Kokkonen. 

Two performing artists, pianistElina Viitaila and and opera singer Antti A. Pesonen keep Villa Kokkonen open to the public connecting music and architecture, unforgettably!

We are two performing musicians and, furthermore, a local Finnish company Mestart Ltd specialized in music tourism, music education and classical music. We came to the shores of Lake Tuusula in 2009 by hiring Villa Kokkonen from the City of Järvenpää. To keep the original  furniture designed by Alvar Aalto and Artek in a perfect condition for the generations to come is one important part of our responsibilities in managing Villa Kokkonen every day throughout the year.

Villa Kokkonen is situated on top of the hill, surrounded by a forest garden sloping down towards the Lake Tuusula. To have more than 7000 square meters in the site really gives our visitors a great possibility to study, reflect and/or just purely enjoy Alvar Aalto´s architecture from every possible angle, from a great distance as well as from a closer range. We allow our visitors to take exterior photos and photos of the garden as they please.

Since November 2012, Villa Kokkonen has been an Iconic House, for more information, see two interesting links:
An Article on New York Times

On the one hand, Villa Kokkonen has been inspired and influenced by Alvar Aalto´s three most well-known private houses: Villa Mairea, Maison Louis Carré and Aalto House. On the other hand, the unique spirit of Villa Kokkonen becomes from the fact that Villa Kokkonen was made for music. This special combination of history, architecture and music we demonstrate to our guests in the end of every guided tour. Small musical 
performances open the door both to the core of Alvar Aalto's architecture and also to the history ofMr. Joonas Kokkonen´s family living here almost for three decades (1969 - 1996).

Listen to the Architecture: Svarta Rosor in the studio of Villa Kokkonen

Villa Kokkonen, the amazing story of architecture, design and music!

Small musical performances included in the program of a cultural-architectural visit to Villa Kokkonen connect you closely to the vibrant history and architecture of the house.

For choosing the program of your visit to Villa Kokkonen, see ►the front page!

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