Alvar Aalto´s architecture, home dining & unforgettable music

Wish you were at Villa Kokkonen?

Welcome to Villa Kokkonen to enjoy the results of an incredible concept created by Villa Kokkonen´s hosting couple, Mrs. Elina Viitaila and Mr. Antti A. Pesonen.

A unique venue for Finnish Buffet is the original dining room designed by Alvar Aalto in 1969.

Before dining pianist Elina Viitaila and opera singer Antti A. Pesonen provide their guests with an unforgettable moment of Finnish music and architecture. Elina´s and Antti´s artistic guided tour and Finnish Mid-century Buffet is 42,00 € / person (including VAT).

Delicious moisty cakes are Elina´s specialty. Finnish design is part of the pleasure at Villa Kokkonen.

Villa Kokkonen
Tuulimyllyntie 5
04400 Järvenpää